Located near Reefton the Grey River/Māwheranui runs through native beech forests, steep gorges and farmland for 120 kilometres before meeting the Tasman Sea at Greymouth.

Heading towards Springs Junction from Reefton in the Inland Adventures van it takes an hour to reach the start of the multi-day trips on the Grey River.  

An hour's drive south of Reefton takes us inland from Ikamatua to commence the one day tour on the Grey River.

Much of the scenery on these trips is difficult or impossible to access from anywhere but the river. What you experience is truly unique.

The Grey district is known as Māwhera in Te Reo Māori. Māwhera means widespread. Nui means many or big and iti means little hence the names Māwheranui for the larger Grey River and Māwheraiti for the Little Grey River.

The Grey River/Māwheranui begins in the Southern Alps as the Blue Grey River, at Lake Cristobel, which is a day’s hike in from the Lewis Pass. 

The part of the river that is known as the Upper Grey begins where the Blue Grey and Brown Grey rivers meet and ends 25kms south of Reefton. The Upper Grey River/Māwheranui is renowned as trout fishing heaven. You may choose to include trout fishing on your journey.

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